Woodturning Links for Beginners and Pros

There are thousands of sites on the internet that may be useful and informative for woodturners. Our goal is to share those that we find particularly useful, rather than list them all. We hope you find this selection helpful as you develop and refine your woodturning skills.

SPW does not accept responsibility for any broken links or misinformation that may be contained on the linked sites. Use at your own risk. If you find a problem with our links please let us know.

Helpful Websites

General: Jerry Measimer Jerry's YouTube Video North Carolina Woodturners Association Waxhaw Woodturners Highland Woodworking Packard Woodworks Hunter Tool Systems Thompson Lathe Tools The Sawmill, Ltd  -  Kyle Edwards Penn State Industries Our Sponsors: Klingspor Woodworking [...]

Training and Education

Woodturning Educational Schools/Classes: John C. Campbell - Folk School Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Anderson Ranch Arts Center Penland School of Crafts Marc Adams School of Woodworking Florida School of Woodworking

SPW Member Recommended Websites

International Association of Penturners Joe Woodworker - Vacuum Veneering Steve Martin's link to Association of Pole-lathe Turners - UK American Association of Woodturners 

Club Member Websites

Barry Russell Studio in the Woods - http://www.zhibit.org/barryrussell Fred Connell - http://ornamentalroseengine.com/ Charles Farrar - http://www.charlesfarrar.com/ Jerry Measimer - http://www.jerrymeasimer.com/

Vendors of Woodturning Tools and Supplies

Renaissance wax Restorer Supplies Inc http://stores.restorersupplies.com/StoreFront.bok Rubber Chucky Rubber Turning Chucks, head and tail stock adapters http://www.rubberchucky.com/ Viable Lumber They sell lumber that is recovered from trees that had to be removed for reasons other [...]

Woodturning and Craft Schools

Arrowmont School http://arrowmont.org/ Woodturning Workshops - Craft Supplies USA https://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/c/41/Woodturning-Workshops John C Campbell Folk School https://classes.folkschool.org/Browse.aspx?sub=Woodturning Keith Gotschall Woodturning School http://keithgotschall.com/woodturning_school Marc Adams School of Woodworking http://www.marcadams.com/ Anderson Ranch https://www.andersonranch.org/ Florida School of Woodworking schoolofwoodwork.com

Professional Turners

Cindy Drozda – http://www.cindydrozda.com Larry Marley excellent free video instruction. – http://marleyturned.com Gavin’s Bowls – http://gavinsbowls.tripod.com Herman de Vries – http://www.hdv.net" Segmented Wood Turnings – http://www.swturnings.com/ David Ellsworth – http://www.ellsworthstudios.com/ Robert Rosand – http://www.rrosand.com/ Nick [...]

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