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SPW Grants, Sponsors, and Donors

Without the generous contributions of our many supporters, Southern Piedmont Woodturners would not be able to continue our mission to bring the art of woodturning to the people of our communities.


Supported by the North Carolina Arts CouncilNorth Carolina Arts Council


Individual Donations

Family of Ed Phau

Jerry Meaismer

Ric Erkes

Covid-19 Support Donations

Bob Temple

Ric Erkes

Larry Fendrick

Cindy Boehrns

John Bartles

Eugene Schlaman

Website Donations

Larry Fendrick

Walt Keiffer

Randy Mack

Cindy Boehrns

Beth Bjerregaard

Sharon Lochaby

Edward Morris

Phil Goodman

John Lachance

Vince Keipper

Steve Martin

Bob Moffit

Fred Connell

Curt Will

Ron Briggs

Steve Lusk

Ric Erkes

Ed Phau Family

Jean Duetterier

Rick Erixson

Nancy Fox

Willard Rowell

Walt Hazlerigg

Kathy Hazelrigg

Michael Martens

Tim Deal

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