Woodturning Resources

Helpful articles, tips, and links for all levels of turners

All woodturners need good resources. How do I do it? Where do I find it? Where can I buy it? Who can I call or where can I learn? We have tried to include some of the answers to these questions here. This is far from a complete list and only touches the surface of the information that is available to you, but we hope it will get you started.

Woodturning is an inherently dangerous thing to do.  You and you alone are responsible for your own safety.  Listen to your senses.  If it feels to fast, turn it down.  If the tool isn’t cutting easily, sharpen it.  If anything you are about to do makes you uncomfortable or scares you Stop and turn that lathe off. Get some mentoring from another member or ask for some help.  Don’t get hurt, wear a full face shield and protect your lungs.  Let’s keep it safe and fun. Read our disclaimer for more details.