Club Show & Tell

Club Show & Tell2024-05-10T15:21:38-04:00

Welcome to the Club Show & Tell Gallery of Southern Piedmont Woodturners

Explore the creativity and camaraderie of the Southern Piedmont Woodturners (SPW) in our Club Show & Tell Gallery. This collection features photos from the show-and-tell portion of our monthly meetings, where members proudly present their latest projects, share their creative processes, and offer valuable insights.

From beginner-friendly pieces to masterful works, the diversity of styles and techniques displayed is a testament to the passion and skill of our woodturning community. The show-and-tell segment embodies the spirit of learning, collaboration, and inspiration that thrives within SPW. Here, members exchange feedback, celebrate each other’s achievements, and inspire new creative pursuits.

Browse through these snapshots of creativity and discover the unique artistry that makes each meeting an enriching experience. Whether you’re an experienced woodturner or a newcomer curious about this fascinating craft, we hope this gallery inspires you to join us in sharing and learning together.