SPW Mentoring Program

One of the main goals of the Southern Piedmont Woodturners is to teach people about woodturning. In support of this goal, we offer a mentoring program. This may consist of one on one mentoring by a member of the club. It may also be group mentoring to several people needing help with the same skills.

If you are new to woodturning, we offer a free basic class to our members which will cover:

  1. Lathe safety and the safety equipment used in turning.
  2. Terminology for the new turner. This includes teaching the student about the lathe and its parts so that you can get familiar with the terminology of woodturning.
  3. Tool identification.
  4. Tool sharpening using a bench grinder equipped with a CBN sharpening wheel and the Wolverine sharpening system.
  5. Basic tool handling and the different types of cuts for example coves, beads, v cuts, riding the bevel, push cuts, pull cuts and shear scraping cuts to name a few.
  6. Wood terminology, grain patterns and how to prepare wood for use.

If you would like help improving your turning skills, please visit our mentor pages to find the right mentor for your needs.