Woodturning Resources

Helpful Websites

General: Jerry's YouTube Video North Carolina Woodturners Association Waxhaw Woodturners Highland Woodworking Packard Woodworks Hunter Tool Systems Thompson Lathe Tools Penn State Industries Our Sponsors: Klingspor Woodworking Shops Craft Supplies USA Woodcraft [...]

Training and Education

Woodturning Educational Schools/Classes: John C. Campbell - Folk School Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Anderson Ranch Arts Center Penland School of Crafts Marc Adams School of Woodworking Florida School of Woodworking

SPW Member Recommended Websites

International Association of Penturners Joe Woodworker - Vacuum Veneering Steve Martin's link to Association of Pole-lathe Turners - UK American Association of Woodturners 

Attaching Wood To A Lathe

Mike Peace does an excellent job demonstrating and explaining the different ways of attaching wood to your lathe. He covers turning between centers using several different types of drive centers and why he likes some [...]

How Gouges Cut

Stuart Batty teaches a basic class in how your tools cut and why they don't. He does an excellent job of showing you what it takes to make a tool cut and why you have [...]

Wood Dust Toxicity

GVWG Article on Wood Dust Toxicity - http://www.gvwg.ca/docs/Articles/Wood_Dust%20Toxicity%20Article.pdf OSHA Article on Wood Dust Toxicity - http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/wooddust/

Lathe Safety

Using safe practices while working on a woodturning lathe, tool sharpening system, band saw, or drill press in your shop cannot be overemphasized. Every year we hear of members of our woodturning community that has [...]

Friction Polish

Here is a receipt for friction polish, also known as OB Shine Juice that I got from Cap'n Eddie Castelin some years ago and still use frequently today. Mix 1/3 Boiled Linseed oil 1/3 white [...]

Aspect Ratio in Woodturning

Aspect Ratio Have you ever wondered why you found the shape or form of one turning more comfortable or pleasant to look at than another? The reason is called Aspect Ratio. Aspect Ratio can be [...]