Welcome to the Galleries of Southern Piedmont Woodturners

Discover a world of craftsmanship, creativity, and community at the Southern Piedmont Woodturners (SPW) Gallery. Our gallery showcases the exceptional talent of our members, who are dedicated to the art and skill of woodturning. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of beautifully crafted pieces, from elegant bowls and intricate ornaments to stunning vases and innovative sculptures.

Each creation is a testament to our members’ mastery of the craft, their unique styles, and their passion for turning wood into captivating art. Whether you are a seasoned woodturner, an aspiring artist, or an enthusiast seeking inspiration, our gallery is the perfect place to explore the rich diversity of woodturning.

Take your time browsing through our collections and immerse yourself in the artistry that makes SPW a thriving community of creators. Enjoy the beauty and ingenuity that each work brings, and let the world of woodturning ignite your imagination.