Ever wonder what to do when your tailstock’s quill jams up, or your bandsaw or chainsaw won’t cut straight?  If you are like me, your tool collection has grown to include a lathe, bandsaw and a chainsaw, and most of what you know about their maintenance has been learned along the way.  This month’s meeting we will have three presenters share their years of experience on how to maintain these pieces of equipment.  Lan Brady will be breaking down the lathe to show all the areas that need attention in order to keep it running smooth.  Claude Shealey will tackle the bandsaw with ideas on blade selection, setup and safety.  Hunter Priest, and arborist from Recon Tree Service will be sharing his knowledge of keeping a chainsaw running properly.  Do you ever clean the oiler hole?  If you said to yourself, what oiler hole, then be sure to attend Tuesday’s meeting.