Cindy Boehrns

SPW Mentor

Cindy Boehrns – SPW Mentor

I have been turning wood for 10 years. I am a person that doesn’t care to turn the same thing all the time so I turn a variety of things. Some of my favorite things are goblets with captive rings, lidded boxes of all types and I am currently embellishing them with polymer clay canes. I also enjoy turning small plates and shallow bowls, Christmas ornaments, and vases. I believe that turning wood is like opening a gift. You have no idea of the beauty inside of that wood until you begin. Many times I begin with a design in mind, but the wood may want to be something else. The areas in which I would like to mentor are:

  • Lidded Boxes
  • Goblets
  • Shallow bowls and plates
  • Embellishment: pyrography, piercing, Texturing, Polymer Clay.

I would prefer to mentor in the club, and I am available at a variety of times.