Virtual Board Meeting May 7, 2020

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Virtual Board Meeting May 7, 2020

Virtual Board Meeting Tuesday, May 7, 2020


Att: Goodman, Martin, Lusk, Bjerregaard, Erkes, Boehrns, Keipper, Briggs, Lachance

Call to order 7:05 PM

Old business: Review of April Virtual Monthly Meeting Ric Erkes.  Need better cameras multiple camera set-ups.
Dust Collection System update Goodman. Priced Woodcraft – 6 units @ $400 each. Will check with Kingsport. (See below)
Grass Roots Grant: due to virus, in limbo, should get it but not sure when, monitoring. No change
Membership/Fundraising Committee Report (Ric, John, Vince Beth, Cindy) Talked to raising dues to $50 annually, charge non-members fee to join in open turning, taking attendance at all meetings
Web Site update – Cindy. No change
Duty/responsibility assignments: Willard Rowell, Larry Fendrick, Patrick Smith. No change
Web site training to be rescheduled

New Business: The current Normal for SPW
Virtual Board Meetings
Virtual Monthly Meetings: Jerry Measimer May
June Meeting Demonstrator: John Lachance
July Meeting Demonstrator: Darrel Rader
August Meeting Demonstrator: Jim Barbour
External demonstrators on hold until further notice

On Hold: workshops, training, follow up to new/beginner turners. Open turning to restart by appointment only, soon.
Club needs to purchase a couple Web Cams to be used for Virtual meetings
Does club need to purchase a computer for Demo purposes, Zoom, etc? Goodman will research for proper equipment, Boehrns in loop.
Phil to send email to club members asking for volunteers to demo via Zoom
“Project Demonstrate” using in house talent
Thank you to demonstrators: purchase thank you cards to mail out? Done.
Planned events for 2020, Fair, Bost Grist Mill, Klingspor Extravaganza: all these events are in Jeopardy of being canceled. Need to create alternative means of income.                                          Workshop fee discussion                                                              Membership dues                                                                                        Beads of Courage: encourage turning during stay at home, chairperson

Club Responsibilities volunteers needed for studio maintenance, equipment maintenance, tool maintenance  No change
Policy on use of equipment. No change
Scholarship Committee update. No change
Insurance Review, Director and Officer Insurance: Ric  No change
Challenge Project review, where did we leave this topic? Will restart monthly challenges and “Show ‘n Tell” in virtual meetings, limit one project per.
AAW Affiliate memberships, Amazon Smile, were did we leave this topic
By-Laws Review: All board members to review, make notes of change and discuss at appointed time

Adjourn: 8:40 PM

Filtration System Details

Dennis @ Woodcraft: Jet, 110v, remote, multi units, best CFM, $399.99 ea,
15% discount now, room size 16,295sq ft to bar joists, 18,755sq ft to roof, 1unit filters
20x20x8 or 3,200sq ft; thus 6 units to roof line or 5 units to bar joists


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