Turning a Set of 3-Four Dimensional Candlesticks


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This is a class for intermediate level turners.  We will be creating a set of 3 four sided candlesticks.

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Turning 3-four dimensional candlesticks

Saturday April 23 at 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm

This is an beginner to intermediate level class.

The charge for the class will be $25 for members .  This will cover the cost of wood, prep, and supplies.

Basic skills needed are: Using a bowl gouge, spindle gouge and skew to turn beads, coves, v-cuts and pull cuts working on a flat surface with sharp square corners. We may also use texture tools.


  1. A full face shield is provided with each lathe and must be worn.
  2. Long hair must be tied  back.
  3. Short sleeved shirts are preferred. Long sleeves must be rolled up and taped, .
  4. Rings, watches and jewelry must be removed.
  5. Closed toed shoes must be worn
  6. As we are turning dry wood you may bring tight fitting turning glove.

The candle sticks are mounted on a backer board and attached with screws.  The set is then attached to the lathe with a face plate.

The wood we will be turning is Black Walnut so people with a walnut sensitivity should wearyour appropriate safety gear.

If there is interest, we may hold another class with different wood at a future date.

I have wood for a maximum of 9 students

At the end of the day, students will have turned and sanded all four sides, cut off attachment points, drilled and mounted candle rings and applied finish to their pieces.  I have candles for each set.  These make outstanding holiday gifts.

Each person may bring their own tools or use the shop tools.

The shop will be cleaned, and everything put away before anyone leaves at the end of the day.

You may bring your own lunch or we can order in pizza if the group prefers at a shared cost.

Coffee, tea and soda are available at the club for  $0.50.

Call or email Cindy at 402 730-5737 or caboehr@aol.com. for any questions



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