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Beginner Woodturning and Safety Class


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Below you will find a description of the basic class.

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Beginner Woodturning and Safety Class

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019 (One day only)

Time: 9 AM -3 PM

Last day to sign-up: November 9, 2019

Location: SPW studio at Clearwater Artist Studios, 223 Crowell Dr. NW, Concord, NC 28205

Agenda: You will learn Lathe Safety and lathe terminology. Tool identification and their proper use. Beginner level projects to include: spindle turning and an easy bowl gouge project.

Instructor: Ric Erkes, (,(704)453-9590)

Coordinator: Larry Fendrick (704) 456-8593)

RSVP: Larry Fendrick,, (704) 456-8593

Assistants/Mentors: Vincent Keipper, John Bartels, Rick Erexson

Cost of Class $00.00 for members.

Cost of Material $5.00.

Tools: You may bring your own or use the clubs tools. Lathes and tools must be inventoried and signed out by the student. Make note of any empty spaces and missing tools.

Student priority will be given to:

  1. Beginning wood turners who are SPW members less than (1) year.
  2. General membership.  Membership Dues must be current to attend this class.


  1. A full face shield is provided with each lathe and must be worn.
  2. Long hair must be tied  back.
  3. No loose long-sleeved shirts; must be cuffed.
  4. Rings, watches and jewelry must be removed.
  5. Closed toed shoes must be worn
  6. Optional: bring tight fitting turning gloves.

Lunch at the studio: Bring your own lunch or pizza can be ordered in at a shared cost.

Refreshments: Coffee & soda are available at the club for 50¢.

After Class Clean-up:

All Lathes will be cleaned and tools tools put in the proper cabinets. Equipment will be checked  in and signed off by the instructors.

All students will assist with cleanup after the class (no exceptions).

A group photo of all participants showing their completed projects will be taken and posted to the SPW website.  Please bring your completed project to the SPW meeting on Nov 19  for “show & tell.”