05/17/2022 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


At the last meeting I announced Malcolm Zander would be demonstrating.  My mistake, he is in June.



Where’s My Wood?

This month’s demo, May 17th, will feature Rick Urban.  This will be an interactive remote demo, IRD.  Meaning, we will gather in the studio but Rick will be doing the demonstration live from his studio in North Georgia.  We will be able to ask questions as usual, and everything else such as the raffle, show and share, and especially the camaraderie will be the same as always.  Please join us.

From his website, I’ll let Rick introduce himself.  “My name is Rick Urban, and I am a Shaper of Wood.  I began doing that regularly with a wood lathe in 2003, experimenting with all manner of tools, techniques, styles, and designs for the next decade and a half.  At some point I realized I was spending as much time off the lathe as on the lathe, so I became a wood shaper.”

He will be demonstrating how he creates his unique forms using what he calls The Lost Wood process.   This involves gluing two pieces of wood together with a spacer of waste wood in between them.  The blank is then turned on the lathe.  The waste wood is separated from the desired two “halves” which are rejoined to yield a form that is no longer round, but oval (actually lenticular) instead.   And then the manipulation of the piece begins.

For more inspiration check out Rick’s website.