Board Meeting July 23, 2019

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Board Meeting July 23, 2019

John Lachance, Secretary

Call to order 6:40 pm.

Attending: Steve Lusk, Cindy Boehrns, Phil Goodman, John Lachance, Ric Erkes, Steve Martin, Beth Bjerregaard


  • Discuss the annual budget.
  • Suggested beginner training classes
  • More diversified training classes
  • Need to increase revenue with Lottery, Auctions etc.
  • Upcoming events
  • Committee consideration for task assignment

Motion made by Steve Martin to approve the plan to work on the budget and when complete send it to the members for a vote. The motion was seconded and unanimously agreed upon.

Elections were held for 2019 on July 16,19. There were insufficient members at the meeting to satisfy the quorum requirements, with only 18 members present and 24 required. Fourteen additional votes were received by mail to satisfy the quorum.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm

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