We are in need items for the studio and have provided a starter list. Please let a board member know of items you suggest and / or are furnishing.


  1. A couple of sets of open end wrenches both metric and standard
  2. Slimline pen kits
  3. Drilled slim line pen blanks with brass tubes inserted and glued - parts available from the club
  4. Accelerator
  5. Friction polish - Home made or purchased
  6. Buffing wheels for head stock attachment
  7. Industrial 3M face masks (or equivalent, disposable - e.g. Grizzly Model: T24924 box of 50)
  8. Nice set of Forstner Bits (Grizzly Item# T27032 - Item# D3573
  9. Drill bits sized for pens ( or similar to Grizzlly Item# D1137)
  10. Soft rags





The Southern Piedmont Woodturners, Inc. is supported in part by a grant from

the Grassroots Arts Program of the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, and the

Cabarrus Arts Council.